Wireless Phone Rental

It is very convenient to have a wireless phone when you travel abroad. We have a variety of wireless phone rental services for Japan, Europe and other countries. Before you go, we deliver it to your US mailing address by UPS. And when you receive it, a returning package is also included. So after you come back, put it in, and send it back. It's that simple !!

Rental Fee
Incoming Call
Domestic Call
$0.79 / Min
International Call to US
$0.79 / Min
Theft & Loss Protection
$0.99 / Day
Round Trip Shipping Charge
$19.99 / Phone
(Additional $8.00 will be charged when it requires delivery within 7 business days.)

* This service is provided by Cellhire.
* The picture above is just an image of the service, so what you get might be a different model.
* This offer is valid through December 31, 2015.
* Price and service above are subject to change.