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See Japan's most unforgettable landscapes from the skyline of Tokyo to the verdant Shikoku Island. Visit the bustling city of Tokyo, historical Kyoto, ancient Nara, lively Osaka, medieval Tsumago and Matsuyama Castle, peaceful Hiroshima, the Japanese Alps, and culturally treasured Nikko.

Day 1: Tokyo

Welcome to Japan! After the border and customs formalities, an assistant will be waiting for you. This person will provide you with basic information and accompany you to the modern shuttle bus that will take you from the airport to the hotel. Transfer by bus to the hotel. Free time. In the late afternoon we will meet our guide near the hotel reception desk. We will meet the other passengers in the group and then set out to see the city at night. We will take the metro (tickets included) to the district of Shinjuku in order to explore this fascinating country. During the trip we will see the people who use this modern and efficient means of public transport and visit Shinjuku, a district with plenty of nightlife. The trip includes admission to the METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT BUILDING. There is a fantastic view of the city from the 46th floor. Free time to have dinner (our guide will advise you) and then we return to our hotel. Dinner included.

Note: This transfer to Shinjuku and ascent of the metropolitan government building may take place on Monday or Tuesday evening, depending on the passenger flight arrival times.

Day 2: Tokyo

A tour of this impressive city is included. We will visit the Meiji Shinto shrine, the most famous  in Tokyo, dedicated to the spirit of the Emperor Meiji and his wife the Empress Shoken. We will have the opportunity to see this bustling city and sophisticated districts such as Omotesando, which has wide tree-lined avenues and boutiques surrounded by peaceful, tranquil areas. During the visit, we will go to Roppongi Hills, a modern area with large squares, art galleries, offices, boulevards and cinema theatres. We will walk around the perimeter of the Imperial Palace and visit the district of Akihabara, the electric town, which is packed with Manga and Anime goods. On the way, we will pass by the Kokugikan stadium, where tournaments of the traditional Japanese Sumo are held. We will also visit the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy Asakusa Kannon. Later, in Yasukuni Jinja, we have the chance to meditate on the subject of peace at the shrine built as a memorial to the 2.5 million Japanese citizens who died during World War II; visitors who want to can visit the war museum (admission to the museum is not included). Free afternoon. Our guide may recommend a boat trip through the city. Lunch included. 

Day 3: Tokyo - Kyoto

We take the BULLET TRAIN to KYOTO. We leave early in the morning and in just over two hours our train will have travelled the almost 500 km between both cities. We have all day to visit the city which was the Japanese capital between 794 and 1868 and home of the  Imperial Court. During World War II, this city was the only important Japanese city that was not bombarded, and so it still conserves its artistic heritage. The protocol limiting greenhouse gas emissions was signed in Kyoto in the year 1997. The visit includes a trip to one of the most important parts of the city. We will see the marvellous Shinto Shrine of Fushimi Inari, the Imperial Palace and Kinkakuji temple, “the golden pavilion” and its wonderful gardens Then we have free time to explore the GION, a bustling traditional district that is well known for its Geishas. Free time.   

Day 4: Kyoto - Nara - Osaka

We head for the outskirts of Kyoto to Arashiyama, where we cross the Togetsukyo Bridge (“bridge over the moon”), which has fantastic views. We will visit the Tenryuji temple, one of the ¨five major Zen temples of Kyoto¨ and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, followed by a walk through its mystic bamboo forest.    Then we leave for NARA and visit Todaiji, a magnificent Buddhist temple built in 752, which has a giant Buddha and where passengers can take photos and touch and feed the deer that wander through the park. Lunch included. After the visit, we will see HORYUJI Buddhist temple, a World Heritage Site that includes a seminary, monasteries and temples. Its main pagoda temple is one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world and is the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan and an important place of worship.    We continue to OSAKA, where we arrive in the evening. Accommodation in this modern city (Japan’s second city) and free time.  In the evening we will visit Dotonbori, a colourful district filled with nightlife.


Day 6: Okayama - Kurashiki - Itsukushima - Hiroshima

We leave for KURASHIKI, a city with a very well conserved historical centre. Time to wander through this charming olde-worlde charming town with its quaint atmosphere. Then we carry on to Miyajimaguchi, where we take a ferry to  Miyajima, the island “inhabited by Gods and men” and its Itsukushima shrine dedicated to the guardian of the seas, built partially over the sea.  Time to visit the temple, stroll through the pretty centre and have lunch. Then we set out for HIROSHIMA, sadly famous for the atomic bomb that fell in on it 1945 and completely destroyed the city; we will visit the peace memorial park, the atomic bomb dome and the impressive Peace memorial Museum. Dinner included. 

Day 7: Hiroshima - Matsuyama

Today we will take a ferry to Shikoku Island, on a pleasant crossing that lasts two hours and a half and see the many islands that make up Japan. In MATSUYAMA we will take the cable car up to its impressive castle. Afterwards, we will visit ISHITEJI, a beautiful Buddhist temple and a place of pilgrimage. Lunch included. In the late afternoon, we will visit DOGO ONSEN (admission included), a traditional Japanese bath facility built in the 19th century.

Day 8: Matsuyama - Kotoshira - Takamatsu - Naruto - Tokushima

We depart for KOTOHIRA, a Shinto shrine dedicated to the God of sailors and a place of pilgrimage. The shrine stands on Mount Zosu and is reached by climbing 785 steps. Afterwards in TAKAMATSU we will visit RITSURIN, one of the prettiest gardens in Japan. Lunch included. Then, in NARUTO, we cross an impressive bridge over the sea, stopping on the way to admire the construction and walk on its glass floor with the sea 450 metres below us. We then continue to TOKUSHIMA, famous as the home of the most important festival in Japan, with its Awa Odori dances. There we watch a colourful Japanese dance performance (admission included).

Day 9: Tokushima - Kobe - Osaka- Mount Koya

We set out early along a pretty motorway, crossing huge bridges over the sea. In KOBE we will visit KAWASAKI WORLD, an amazing museum that tells us of the technological prowess of this company, which builds motorbikes, planes, high-speed trains and construction technology. After stopping by in Osaka for lunch. We will depart from this city at 1.00 pm to visit, MOUNT KOYA, one of Japan’s sacred mountains and Japan’s main centre of Shingon Buddhism. There are 120 shrines and monasteries on this mountain which is a magical place of pilgrimage. We will visit Okuno Mausoleum, a spiritual place and an immense cemetery in the wilderness that has more than 200,000 graves. We will visit Kongobuji temple, built in 1593.    

Note: In winter, as it gets dark earlier, we will not have time to enter Kongobuji temple.

We will spend this night at a Buddhist monastery. The monks will offer us a Zen meditation session (Ajikan). Dinner  included (vegetarian food). There is religious ceremony at the temple early in the morning if you wish to attend it.   

Note: We consider the sojourn at the monastery as an experience of great existential value. The rooms at this place are modest, without bathrooms, in the traditional Japanese style with tatamis. Bathrooms are communal.

Day 10: Mount Koya - Kyoto

Japanese breakfast at the shrine. We will depart for KYOTO at first light where we will enjoy a full free day. Our guide will inform you so you can make the best of your alone time and visit the most interesting places in this gorgeous city. 

Day 11: Kyoto - Tsumago - Matsumoto

We set out for TSUMAGO, passing attractive country scenery on our way. This small village with its wooden houses is one of the prettiest places in Japan. Free time to explore and  lunch included. Then we continue to MATSUMOTO, a tourist city, where we will visit the impressive 16th century castle, known as the “Crow Castle”. Free time to explore this bustling tourist city.   

Note: In some tours, we will not sojourn in Matsumoto but in Nagano. 

Day 12: Matsumoto - Nagano - Monkey Park - Kusatsu - Takasaki

Today our journey takes us through the beautiful Japanese Alps. In NAGANO, we will visit Zenkoji temple, a pilgrimage site where the first Buddhist image of Japan is located. Passengers will have the opportunity to take part in the Gomakuyo ceremony that brings good luck. Then we continue through the mountains to Monkey Park, with lunch included and wander through its forests with their rivers and thermal fountains where colonies of Japanese monkeys live and bathe. Then our journey takes us through beautiful mountain scenery (reaching an altitude of 2,172 metres) with semi-active volcanoes. KUSATSU is an attractive spa city with a lively main square. Our visit includes admission to the Yumomi performance, with actresses who sing songs about the traditional method for cooling spa waters. Then we can stroll through the city park with its outdoor Onsen. Our journey continues to TAKASAKI, where we settle into our hotel.    

Note: In autumn, monkey migration is unpredictable as it depends on the abundance of fruit in the mountains. If the monkeys do not go down to the park, it may be closed. In winter, the route may be changed due to weather problems (snow). In such cases we will use other roads and eliminate the visit to the Monkey Park. The visit to Kusatsu and the Yumoni performance are cancelled from November to April due to weather conditions. 

Day 13: Takasaki - Nikko - Tokyo

In Takasaki we will climb the hill where Byakui Daikannon is found, a gigantic statue honouring the Goddess of Mercy. Then we carry on to NIKKO, a fantastic town where we will visit the impressive Nikko Toshogu Shrine and the hall of the crying dragon. We will also visit the Taiyuinbyo Mausoleum, set in an impressive, peaceful site, followed by a walk near the river, in Kanmangafuchi, under the watchful eye of hundreds of Jizo statues!   Free time to visit the city centre before leaving for TOKYO.-  We arrive at Tokyo at 7pm.-  End of our services.


Departure Date

<2017> Apr.10,17,24, May.01,08,15,22,29, Jun.05,12,19,26, Jul.03,10,17,24,31, Aug.07,14,21,28, Sep.04,11,18,25, Oct.02,09,16,30, Nov.13,27, Dec.11,25 <2018> Jan.08,22, Feb.05,19, Mar.05,19


Daily Breakfast and 10 meals (Dinner in Tokyo, Lunch in Tokyo, Lunch in Nara, Lunch in Himeji, Dinner in Hiroshima, Lunch in Okayama, Lunch in Takamatsu, Dinner in Mount Koya, Lunch in Tsumago, Lunch in Nagano)

General services provided by Europamundo/JTB

Travel by bus with English speaking guide / basic travel insurance / breakfast buffet

Arrival day

Includes arrival transfer


City tour in Tokyo, Kyoto, Evening Transfer at Shinjuku in Tokyo, Dotonbori in Osaka, Ticket admissions (Metro, Metropolitan Tower in Tokio, Tenryu-ji Temple; Arashiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto, Todai-ji Temple in Nara and Horyu-ji Temple., Castle in Himeji, Korakuen Gardens in Okayama, Itsukushima Shrine, Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, Castle, Ishite Ji Buddhist temple, Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama, Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu, Naruto Bridge, Awa Odori dance performance in Tokushima, Kawasaki World in Kobe, Okuno Mausoleum, Kongobuji Temple and Ajikan or Zazen meditation in Mount Koya, Matsumoto Castle, Zenko-ji Temple, Gomakuyo tea ceremony,Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano, Yumomi performance in Kusatsu, Byakuen Daikannon in Takasaki, Nikko Toshogu Shrine,Taiyuinbyo Mausoleum in Nikko.), Ferry ( Hiroshima - Miyajima, Shikoku Island (Hiroshima- Matsuyama)), High Speed Train (Tokyo - Kyoto), Cable Car (Castle in Matsuyama)


The route will be bilingual with Spanish and English speaking guides. On cetarain dates, depending on sales, the circuit will be divided into two with a bus in each languate.



<Expected Hotels>

Tokyo: Shinawaga Prince Hotel (****), Courtyard Marriott Ginza (****); 

Kyoto: New Miyako Hotel (****); Hotel Nikko Nara (****), Totel Kyoto Tokyu (****);

Osaka: Hotel Courtyard Shin Osaka Station (****);

Okayama: Hotel Ana Crowne Plaza (****);

Hiroshima: Grand Prince Hotel (****), Gran Via Hiroshima (****),Hotel Ana Crowne Plaza (****);

Matsuyama: Candeo Hotel Matsuyama (****), Ana Hotel Matsuyama (****);

Tokushima: Hotel Clement (****), Daiwa Roynet Hotel (****);

Mount Koya: Hojoin Monastery (*); Fukuchi-In Monastery (*);

Kyoto: New Miyako Hotel (****); Hotel Nikko Nara (****), Totel Kyoto Tokyu (****);

Matsumoto: Hotel Buena Vista (****), Hotel Nagano Tokyu Rei (****),Hotel Matsumoto Tokyu Rei (***);

Takasaki: Hotel Metropolitan (****), Takasaki View (****),Maebashi Sakura (****).


Hotels in Japan: Because of the high hotel occupancy at cetain times due ot trade fairs, events and local and international festivals, it may not be possible to stay at the hotel which is indicated for the circuit. In such case, accommodation (equivalent category) will be offered in the same city or in near city.

In many hotels in Japan, there are no Double rooms (one bed), the room will be a twin (two single beds).


This tour is organized by EUROPA MUNDO VACACIONES S.L.(C.I.C.MA 904-sPAIN) a company n the JTB group, with a registered business address at Calle Garcia de Paredes 55, 1º, 28010 Madrid, Spain.


The services provided by Europamundo Vacaciones S.L. are overland. They start at the time when the customer receives the first service provided by our company (always following the border and customs formalities), and end when the customer receives the last scheduled service (transfer, breakfast, or the corresponding service, according to the purchased package). Europamundo Vacaciones S.L. is not responsible for the consequences or circumstances arising from services that are not provided by our company (flight disruptions, loss or damage of luggage on flights, problems at borders/customs or those related to documentation, etc.).


The customer can check the information that Europamundo Vacaciones provides on the “My Trip” web page created exclusively for them and it can be found on the travel voucher which confirms their services. We strongly recommend that all passengers check the information (to correct their names, dates and flights for transfers, etc.).



Europamundo cannot treat any reservation as cancelled while the online cancellation has not been completed. The travel agent will check the receipt of the final cancellation that will arrive from Europamundo following the online cancellation, ensuring that all the details specified are correct. The customer may cancel the requested or booked services at any time, whereby they are entitled to a refund for the paid amount, but must compensate the agency, except in cases of force majeure, as per the following: The processing costs plus the cancellation cost, if these have been incurred, once the journey has been confirmed by Europamundo and regardless of the departure date.

At time of booking confirmation : US$200. 00 / person

*Cancellation period is based on Spain time.

Before departure

Cancellation &

Administrative fee/person


31 days or more



Less than 30 days


+ 10 % of basic land tour component

Less than 10 days


+ 25 % of basic land tour component

Less than 3 days


+ 35 % of land tour component

Less than 1 days


+ 100 % of land tour component




No shows at the start of the trip, without prior cancellation, will not be entitled to any refund (except force majeure, which will be examined on a case by case basis).

Different cancellation conditions apply for some programs (circuits that include train / airplane / cruise routes; or circuits to Kenya and Tanzania); and during particularly difficult dates (fairs, special events, periods involving increased hotel booking difficulties).

The representative operator may, in turn, charge for the processing fees that have accrued in accordance with the provisions of the law in the country where the sale occurs.

•In the event that the cancellation prior to the trip is produced by justified and demonstrable force majeure, only the costs of processing and services that cannot be cancelled will be charged, as well as the costs that must be absorbed by other providers (transfer on arrival, hotel in first city stay in the absence of prior notice, etc.). We recommend taking out insurance against cancellation in all cases.

•In the event that, during the tour, a customer has to cancel their tour for reasons of force majeure, they will be entitled to a refund proportionally to the paid amount / time not used. The processing fees and expenses incurred will be charged in all cases. In order to calculate this amount, only the services provided by Europamundo will be taken into account (excluding the sections undertaken by air, except on those tours that have flights included), and the reimbursement is made on the amount charged by Europamundo to the tour operator (which is therefore subject to a deduction for the commission paid).

•In instances where, following the withdrawal or cancellation of any passenger en route, the category of room occupancy is reduced (from double to single, or from triple to double), the difference in the cost of this, if applicable, will be passed on in the amount owed to the customer that has cancelled.



Changes made to a confirmed booking prior to the start of a trip and more than 10 days before departure (changes to arrival or departure date, change of tour, etc.) are subject to a penalty equivalent to the processing fees that are listed in the cancellation section.



A moderate degree of physical health and physical ability is required to participate in our tours. In the event of any passenger with special physical or mental needs, or in cases where a passenger over 80 years of age is travelling alone, Europamundo must be informed in writing at the time of booking, which will be analyzed on a case by case basis, and it is possible that Europamundo may request a medical report. In cases in which the customer accepts the tour, Europamundo cannot assume any responsibility in relation to the difficulty or impossibility that the said passenger may encounter in undertaking the activities planned for the tour package, nor can Europamundo assume any responsibility for providing assistance for their adaptation to, or continuation of, the trip.

No reservations will be accepted and Europamundo reserves the right to suspend any tour for passengers whose physical and/or mental conditions make their participation in it very difficult or dangerous to themselves or others.

Europamundo likewise reserves the right to exclude passengers who significantly disrupt the smooth-running of the trip.



This tour has guaranteed departures, although in extremely limited cases, it could transpire that Europamundo is unable to operate a given departure. In this case, and by way of compensation, Europamundo will provide the same trip on an earlier or later date than the one chosen or another trip with similar features vis-à-vis duration and route, and offer, by way of compensation, a reduction of 50% on the value of the aforementioned journey. Cancellations of guaranteed departures may arise (without compensation or liability on behalf of Europamundo) in cases of exceptional unforeseen circumstances - among others - wartime conflicts, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, epidemics and economic circumstances that generate a very significant drop in the expected sales



In general, any service that is not detailed as being included in the program, contract or information will be provided to the traveler, e.g.: airport taxes, visas, taxes to enter or leave a country, tips (which are obligatory, as specified on the voucher, for few destinations like the USA, and must be paid directly on arrival to the driver and/or guide), extras in hotels, optional activities, and usually drinks during meals..



Europamundo cannot guarantee that all the rooms in the hotels will have double beds and it is possible that, in some hotels, the room will be a twin room (two single beds). In many hotels there are no triple rooms, with these actually being a double room (of one or two beds) with an additional bed (which in some cases might be a sofa-bed or a folding bed). The conditions and comfort are lower than double rooms. We do not recommend booking triple rooms for three adults; we would only suggest this for families travelling with a child.

Please contact JTB Reservation Center for the pickup service to assembly place.
JTB Reservation Center : Tel 1(800) 223-6104, email

Date & Price Tour Start Tour End Departure Adult Single Supplement
04/10/2017 03/19/2018 Tokyo $ 4,395 $ 984
Cancellation rates will apply to the tour fare. If notice of cancellation is received, 1 day prior to tour starting date, 100%. 3 days to 2 days prior, 35% + non refundable booking fee. 10 days to 4 days prior, 25%+ non refundable booking fee, 30 days to 11 days prior, 10%+ non refundable booking fee, 31 days or more days prior, $200 non refundable booking fee. Cancellation period is based on Spain time.. Notice must be received during JTB USA office hours. Mon. - Fri., 9:00AM-5:30PM PST Except National Holidays Cancellation period is based on Japan local time. Notice must be received during JTB USA office hours. Mon. - Fri., 9:00AM-5:30PM PST Except National Holidays.

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