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TRAVEL TO DISCOVER A NEW WAY OF LIFE! The Cruise train "SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU" marks a new stage for travel. There will be scenery and conversations with others that can only be encountered on this journey. It is certain that a new way of life will be discovered.

Day 1: Jul. 31 (Fri): Fukuoka Airport - Fukuoka

After arriving at Fukuoka Airport, you will transfer using a private taxi to your hotel in Fukuoka.

Note :
*Your arriving and return flight information is required when signing up for this tour

Enjoy your stay at Grand Hyatt Fukuoka. 

Day 2: Aug. 01 (Sat): Fukuoka - Saga - Nagasaki

Using the chartered bus, the first place we will visit is "Kakiemon Pottery” one of the most prestigious local ceramics manufacturer of the traditional handcrafted Arita Ware. Because of their divine craft technique, "Kakiemon Pottery" was designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property by the Japanese Government in 1971.

Lunch will be served at "Yaowa" a famous one Michelin star Japanese Restaurant. Here you can taste one of the best Japanese haute cuisine "Kaiseki" in the Kyushu region. 

After lunch, we will take you on a short cruise trip around "Kujuku-Shima (Ninety-Nine Islands) National Park". Here you can enjoy unique landscapes of the 208 tiny islands clustered together.

Enjoy your stay at Garden Terrace Hotel Nagasaki. Lively teppanyaki grill dinner will be served at the restaurant inside the hotel.

99 islands

Optional Plan: Night Viewing from Mt. Inasa.
Tour to Mt. Inasa is available. At the Mt. Inasa Observatory, you can enjoy the beautiful city lights of Nagasaki City.

Nagasaki Nightview

Day 3: Aug. 2 (Sun): Nagasaki - Unzen

After checking out of the hotel, we will first go on a short cruise trip to "Hashima (also called Gunkanjima= Battleship Island)" which some of you may recognize the island from the recent James Bond film “Skyfall.” The island was a bustling coal mining city back in the early 1900s but after the main source of energy shifted to petroleum, the coal mines were completely shut down in 1974. Now you can see the ruins of once vibrant society.  


Hashima, Gunkanjima, Battleship Island

Then, we will go on a full tour of Nagasaki City. First we visit the symbolic places for world peace such as Nagasaki Peace Park & Atomic Bomb Museum. For lunch, we will take you to a Chinese cuisine. Nagasaki’s Chinatown is one of the three largest Chinatowns in Japan. The town was created back in Edo Era, when at the time Nagasaki was the only open port to the world. Many Chinese sailors and traders accommodated and eventually settled here, which became the modern day Chinatown. After lunch, we will visit other historic places of Edo Era, such as "Glover Garden" and "Dejima".

Kyushu Region is also well known for its hot spring “onsen” and the first hot spring resort we will take you for this tour is the famous “Unzen Onsen.” Enjoy a lovely evening at Unzen Kanko Hotel by taking a soothing hot springs bath and having a gourmet dinner!  A mixture of Western and Japanese cuisine course meal will be served. 

Unzen Onsen

Day 4: Aug. 3 (Mon): Unzen - Kumamoto

Using a ferry boat, we will move on to our next destination Kumamoto. Here, we will take you on a complete Japanese castle experience of “Kumamotojo,” a castle originally built in the Edo Era. A special lunch is served at the restored “Honmaru Goten Palace" inside the castle!  A recreation of Edo Era meals will be served to you.

After lunch we will visit another historical site of Edo Era, “Suizenji Japanese Garden.” Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of pine trees and other Japanese oriented plants, and watch the colorful carps wandering in the ponds from an arched bridge.

Another Japanese experience awaits you.. as for dinner, pork shabushabu dinner will be served at “Nakamura.” The meats are thinly sliced so that when you dip them inside a hotpot, and stir them for just a few seconds.. and they're ready to eat! Dip it into the sauce and taste the savory tender pork.

Enjoy your stay at the Hotel Nikko Kumamoto.  Get ready for the cruise train journey that begins from the following morning!

Kumamoto Castle

Day 5: Aug. 04 (Tue): Kumamoto - Hakata - Yufuin


From Kumamoto Station, using the bullet train, we will head to Hakata Station. 


After a warm welcome ceremony is held at Hakata Station, The Seven Stars Journey finally begins!

Seven Stars in Kyushu


Arrive at our first destination Yufuin, another well-known hot springs resort.

The train will stay at Yufuin for approximately 9 hours so you can choose activities below to suit your time.

Optional Plans (Around 4 Hours):
1. Yufuin Tour Plan
2. Tea Time on Board
3. Free Plan
4. Taxi Plan*   (*extra charge involved)

Once the optional plan is over and you’re back on board, enjoy a special gourmet dinner served at the dining car “Jupiter” of the cruise train.

After dinner, you can relax in your guest room or stroll over to the lounge car “Bluemoon” and enjoy live musical performances and other entertainment while sitting on the comfy sofa drinking some wine.


The train will depart for Miyazaki Station.

Sleep tight! Enjoy your comfortable and pleasant stay on the cruise train.

Day 6: Aug. 5 (Wed): Miyazaki - Kirishima


The train will arrive at Miyazaki Station

Optional Plans (Around 2 Hours):

1. Miyazaki Tour Plan* (*re-board from Minami Miyazaki Station)

2. Tea Time on Board

*The cruise train will proceed to Kagoshima Station.


Depart from Minami Miyazaki Station.

Enjoy gourmet lunch on the train while viewing the beautiful landscapes of Kyushu.



The train will arrive to Hayato Station. Then we will use a chartered bus to go to another well known hot springs resort destination, Kirishima.

Enjoy your stay at a "ryokan," a traditional Japanese style accomodation.
Japanese cuisine dinner will be served at the ryokan.

Day 7: Aug. 6 (Thu): Kirishima - Kagoshima


Enjoy your morning in Kirishima Area. We will take a stroll around, and visit a special place to plant a memorial tree, and have lunch. The place is called “Tenku no Mori,” meaning “Forest in the sky,” a luxurious countryside villa resort. The food provided here is of high quality, and materials used are freshly produced inside the resort. The best thing about eating at Tenku no Mori is the beautiful landscapes of Kirishima Mountains and the nature that surrounds you!!

After lunch, you can choose an optional plan to fulfill your afternoon. Either take a walk in the Japanese garden and make an oriental kaleidoscope there, or go to a famous pottery kiln "Chin Jukan" and paint an original porcelain of your own.


Back on board. From Hayato Station, the Seven Stars will head to Kagoshima Station. (One hour journey.)

Optional Plans in Kagoshima (Around 2 Hours):
1. Tour around Sengan-en Garden and hand craft experience.
2. Hand painting pottery at Chin Jukan.

After optional plan is  over, we will have a memorable Kagoshima dinner at "Senganen." 


The cruise train will depart Kagoshima Station.

Enjoy your comfortable and pleasant night on the cruise train.

Day 8: Aug. 7 (Fri): Aso - Hakata


The train will arrive to Aso Station.

The breakfast will be served in  a special room at Aso Station, from which one can appreciate the scenic views of Mt. Aso.

For those who wish to participate, an early morning sight seeing bus tour will be held.



The cruise train will depart Aso Station and head back to our last destination Hakata.
Enjoy the seven hour ride by just gazing at the beautiful landscapes all glimmering with the summer sunshine. During this seven hour journey, a farewell event will be held on the train to commemorate the 7 day journey in Kyushu.

Seven Stars in Kyushu


The train arrives to our final destination Hakata Station!
Then using chartered bus, we will head to the Hotel Okura Fukuoka.

Enjoy your last night in Kyushu and have a good night sleep!

Day 9: Aug. 8 (Fri): Hakata

After checking out of the hotel, a private taxi will take you to Fukuoka Airport.

Have a safe trip back to the states!


* For more information, please refer to the Tour Detail.

* Please note that the above itinerary is subject to change.

* Please note that the above mentioned scenery may not be visible due to factors such as weather condition.

*Please note that the train continues to move during the night

Departure Date

July 31, 2015


8 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, and 6 Dinners


English speaking guide throughout your journey in Kyushu


All rail, bus and other transportation fares incurred during the specified itinerary. Meals, alcoholic beverages on Seven Stars in Kyushu (not including vintage wine and champagne), sightseeing costs, accommodations.

Cost excludes

Transportation fare to and from the departure/arrival point. Telephone call costs, additional meal and beverage costs, alcoholic beverages. Injury and/or illness related medical costs, excess baggage charges (over the stipulated limitation), and other miscellaneous expenses of a personal nature.



Room code and fare per person based on double occupancy / single occupancy

A-1  --- USD10,000.00 / USD15,050.00

A-2  --- USD10,000.00 / USD15,050.00

A-3  --- USD10,000.00 / USD15,050.00

A-4  --- USD10,285.00 / USD15,720.00

A-5  --- USD10,480.00 / USD16,200.00

A-6  --- USD10,480.00 / USD16,200.00

A-7  --- USD13,810.00 / USD21,000.00




31JUL - Hotel Okura Fukuoka (A-1~A-6: Luxury Twin, A-7: Deluxe Twin)

01AUG - Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotels & Resorts (A-1~A-6: Habor Suite, A-7: Premium Habor Suite)

02AUG - Unzen Kanko Hotel (A-1~A-6: Superior Twin, A-7: Premium Twin)

03AUG - Hotel Nikko Kumamoto (A-1~A-6: Class Comfort Twin, A-7: Class Corner Twin)

04AUG - On board the Seven Stars (A-1~A-6: Suite, A-7: Deluxe Suite A)

05AUG - Wasure-nosato Gajoen (A-1~A-3: Run of the House, A-4: Tsubaki)

                Myoken Ishihara-so (A-5~A-6: Japanese Western Room)   

                Tenku no Mori (A-7: Tenku)          

06AUG - On board the Seven Stars (A-1~A-6: Suite, A-7: Deluxe Suite A)

07AUG - Hotel Grand Hyatt Fukuoka (A-1~A-6: Club Twin, A-7: Club Deluxe Double)


Please note that the room Tsubaki in the Wasurenosato Gajoen is a two-storied room, and has stairs.


Up to three passengers can stay in Deluxe Suites A. In this case, the beds will be a twin bed plus a simple bed (or sofa bed) for the third passenger.



One of the Suite rooms on the Cruise Train is wheelchair accessible.


The number of available rooms for the Cruise Train are Suite: 6 rooms, Deluxe Suite A: 1 room. 


Children of 11 years or younger may not attend.


If the trip is shortened by road conditions, weather conditions, or other circumstances affect the schedule without notice, there will be no refund for any travel fees.


The amenity of the seven star: Towel, slippers, blanket, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, a shaver set, shower cap, a comb, a brush, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a dryer.


There is a dress code: Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, sandals (traditional Japanese sandals with a kimono is OK), and sneakers are not allowed.


There is no smoking allowed on the Cruise train.


There is no TV on the Cruise train.


Please inform us of any foods that you are unable to eat for religious or health reasons. However, we do not guarantee that all traces will be gone or removed. People with severe allergies please be careful.


This product is a sign up planned travel product run by JTB Kyushu Co. Ltd,. The conditions for this product follow JTB Kyushu's Conditions.


Deposit (30% of the tour fee,per person) must be paid within 3days after the reservation is confirmed.  And Final payment must be required by 65 days prior to the departure date.


If you cancel the tour for personal reasons, the following applied to cancellation of the tour spaces :

If notice of cancellation is received by the tour operator,

 - 91 or more days prior to the starting date of the tour                                 No Charge

 - 90 - 61 days prior to the starting date of the tour                                       25% of the tour fare

 - 60 - 46 days prior to the starting date of the tour                                       50% of the tour fare

 - 45 - 31 days prior to the starting date of the tour                                       75% of the tour fare

 - 30 days prior to the starting date of the tour                                              100% of the tour fare

 - After day of departure, or in case of failure o show without notice             100% of the tour fare


Cancellation period is based on Japan Local Time.

Notice must be received during JTB USA office hours. Mon. - Fri., 9:00AM-5:30PM PST Except National Holidays

Please contact JTB Reservation Center for the pickup service to assembly place.
JTB Reservation Center : Tel 1(800) 223-6104, email

Date & Price Tour Start Tour End Departure Single Supplement
Cancellation rates will apply to the tour fare. If notice of cancellation is received on tour starting date:91 or more days prior, no Charge.90 - 61 days prior, 25% of the tour fare. 60 - 46 days prior, 50% of the tour fare. 45 - 31 days prior, 75% of the tour fare. 30 days prior to the starting date of the tour 100% of the tour fare. Equally, after day of departure, or in case of failure of showing without notice, 100% of the tour fare will be collected. Cancellation period is based on Japan Local Time. Notice must be received during JTB USA office hours. Mon. - Fri., 9:00AM-5:30PM PST Except National Holidays. Cancellation period is based on Japan local time. Notice must be received during JTB USA office hours. Mon. - Fri., 9:00AM-5:30PM PST Except National Holidays.

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