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14-Day Sunrise Combination Tour from Tokyo (One Way Trip) :Tokyo,Kamakura,Nikko,Mt.Fuji,Nagoya,Toba,Ise,Takayama,Kyoto&Nara

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Sunrise Combination Tours combine our popular day and overnight tours to create longer packages to meet your Japan sightseeing needs, including airport pick-up/drop-off, accommodations, transportation, and guide service. This 14-day package takes you sightseeing in Tokyo, Nikko, Kamakura, Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Nagoya, Ise and Toba, Kyoto, Nara, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and Kanazawa.

Day 1: Arrival: Tokyo

After arrival in Narita airport, JTB staff will meet you at the customs exit and assist you in boarding a reserved taxi. Then you will go to a hotel in Tokyo.

Day 2: Tokyo

7:50 - 8:45 a.m.

We'll pick you up at your hotel in Tokyo. (See the detail on "Pick up" page.)

After assembling at Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal, you'll enjoy the following places:

* Tokyo tower - It is 333 m high and self supporting iron structure. You can enjoy the beautiful view in Tokyo.

*Imperial palace plaza - It is the Japan’s imperial family’s residence. You can enjoy a large park area surrounded by moats and massive stone walls.

* Asakusa kannon temple and Nakamise shopping acade - The arcade is a 300m approach to the temple. You can enjoy shopping and taking picture in front of a famous lantern lamp named Kaminarimon.

12:00 noon-12:20 p.m.

After driving through Ueno, the tour will disband upon arrival at Akihabara or Tokyo Station.
(The tour guide will tell you how to go back to your hotel.)

Enjoy your afternoon free time at your leisure.

Day 3: Tokyo

7:50 - 8:45 a.m.

We'll pick you up at your hotel in Tokyo and take you to Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal. (See the detail on "Pick up" page.)

Then you will enjoy Tea ceremony experience.

* Tea Ceremony

- It is the way of preparing and drinking tea. The custom has been strongly infuluenced by Zen Buddhism.


11:00 a.m.

Tea ceremony concludes. You'll head back to your hotel individually.

Day 4: Tokyo - Kamakura - Tokyo

7:50 - 8:45 a.m.

We'll pick you up at your hotel in Tokyo. (See the detail on "Pick up" page.)

After assembling at Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal, we'll take you to Kamakura by motor coach.

Then you'll enjoy sightseeing the following places:

* Great Buddha / Kotoku-in Temple

- It is designated as a national treasure and is the largest Buddhist image in Japan after the one in Todaiji in Nara. The original image was carved from wood in 1243.

* Hase Kannon Temple

- It is the Japanese largest wooden sculpture, standing about 9.18m in height and having eleven-faces.

* Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

- It is a shrine dedicated to Emperor Oji and popularly believed as the guardian of warriors.

After sightseeing, you'll proceed to Yokohama China Town to enjoy lunch.


Lunch: Chinese-style at Yokohama China Town


After lunch, you'll visit Sankei-en Garden and Yokohama Baybridge (drive through).


5:40 - 6:40 p.m.

The tour will disembark at either Shinjuku or Ginza.

Day 5: Tokyo - Nikko - Tokyo

7:50 - 8:45 a.m.

We'll pick you up at your hotel in Tokyo and take you to Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal. (See the detail on "Pick up" page.)

Leaving Hamamatsucho bus terminal, you will move to Nikko Toshogu shrine by motorcoach.

* Nikko Toshogu (UNESCO World Heritage site)

- It is dedicated to Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, which ruled Japan for over 250 years until 1868.


Lunch: Japanese-style


After lunch, you'll visit the following places:

*Tamazawa Imperial villa

- On Tuesday, we'll take you to Rinnouji Treasure Museum, Shoyo Garden instead.

*Kirifuri waterfall


7:00-8:00 p.m.

Then you will go to Shinjuku and Ginza by motorcoach.

Day 6: Tokyo - Mt.Fuji - Hakone

7:50 - 8:45 a.m.

We'll pick you up at your hotel in Tokyo. (See the detail on "Pick up" page.)

After assembling at Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal, we'll take you to Hakone by motorcoach.

You'll visit Fuji Visitor Center and Mt. Fuji 5th Station in the morning.

*Mt. Fuji - The mountain is the highest (3,776m) and most popular mountain in Japan. The volcano has not been active for more than 250 years.


Lunch: Japanese-style


After lunch, we'll take you to Kojiri and you'll enjoy the following places:

*Lake Ashi Cruise - The lake is a typical caldera lake formed between the outer crater ridge and inner volcanoes. It is a cruise around the beautiful lake.

*Mt. Komagatake Ropeway - It takes you to the top of Mt. Komagatake. It travels the 720m long so you can enjoy beautiful view.


5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

You'll check in Yumoto Fujiya Hotel in Hakone.

Day 7: Hakone - Nagoya

8:00-9:30 a.m.

We'll take you to Odawara station, and you will move to Nagoya station by Shinkansen.


Lunch: Buffet-style


After lunch, you'll visit the following places by local bus and motor coach:

* Nagoya Castle

* Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology


5:00 - 5:40 p.m.

You'll check in Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel.

Day 8: Nagoya - Ise - Toba - Kyoto

8:20 a.m.

After assembling at Kintetsu-Nagoya station (a short walk from Marriott Hotel), you will take the Kintetsu Limited Express Train to Ise-shi Station. (90min.)

Then you'll enjoy sightseeing the following places:

* Ise Jingu Shrine

* Okage Yokocho Alley

* Mikimoto Pearl Island


Lunch: Seafood BBQ


After lunch, we'll proceed to Kyoto.

From Toba Station, you'll take Limited Express train to Kyoto Station. (150min.)


6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

You'll check in the hotel in Kyoto.

Day 9: Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto

7:45 - 8:35 a.m.

We'll pick you up at your hotel in Kyoto. (See the detail on "Pick up" page.)

After assembling at New Miyako Hotel, you'll join a whole day tour of Kyoto & Nara.

You will enjoy visiting the follwong places:

* Nijo Castle (UNESCO World Heritage site)

- It was built in 1603 as Kyoto residence of the Ieyasu Tokugawa, the fast shogun of the edo government. ***On Tuesdays in January, July, August, and December, Nijo Castle is closed. The tour will visit Ryoanji Temple instead.

* Kinkakuji Temple (UNESCO World Heritage site)
- It is a famous structure of Muromachi period. Kinkakuji means golden pavilion and literally it is covered by gold.

* Kyoto Imperial Palace
- It had been served as the Emperor’s palace until the capital was moved to Tokyo. ***On Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays, we'll takeyou Kitano-tenmangu Shrine instead.

Lunch: Japanese-style


After the lunch, you will proceed to Nara. Here's the visiting places.

* Todaiji Temple (UNESCO World Heritage site)
- It is one of the largest bronze statue in the world. The Great Buddha is National Treasure.

* Nara park
- It is called “Deer Park” because you can see many deer in the park. There are about 1.100 deer.

* Kasuga Taisha shrine (UNESCO World Heritage site)
- It is located in a forest and contains four buildings, all of which are National Treasures.

* Nara Nagomikan


6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

After sightseeing in Nara, you'll head back to Kyoto.


Day 10: Kyoto

Enjoy free at your leisure all day.

Day 11: Kyoto - Takayama

9:10-10:00 a.m.

We'll pick you up at your hotel in Kyoto and you'll join the tour to Takayama.

You will take the Kodama bullet train to Nagoya station and transfer to Takayama Station by Limited Express Hida. Then you will enjoy visiting the following places:

* Yatai Kaikan Hall

- It is the festival floats exhibition hall featuring the huge floats, decorated with intricate carving, gilded wood, and detailed metalwork.

* Kusakabe Folk Museum

- The museum has many characteristics of Edo architecture: the main part of the building has two-stories & a stair-way, made of Japanese Cypress.

* Kami Sannomachi Street

- The street is called “Sannomachi” (San means three in Japanese). Because this area consists of three towns including Kami-ichino (means one) -machi, Kami-nino (means two) -machi, and the Kami-sannno-machi.


5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Check in Hida Hotel Plaza.

Day 12: Takayama - Shirakawa-go - Kanazawa

8:30 a.m.

Enjoy your early morning to visit Takayama Morning Market.

Then you'll visit the following places:

* Shirakawa-go / Shirakawa-go Observatory (UNESCO World Heritage site)

- It features houses built in the “Gassho-zukuri” style with steep thatched roof to prevent snow from accumulating.

* Wada residence

After sightseeing, you'll transfer to Kanazawa by local bus.


3:15 - 6:15 p.m.

Check in Hotel Nikko Kanazawa.


Day 13: Kanazawa - Kyoto

8:30 a.m.

You will enjoy visiting to the following places.

* Kenrokuen Garden

- The garden is located in the center of Kanazawa city and counted as one of three most beautiful gardens in Japan. Also you can enjoy seasonal flowers.

* Kutaniyaki Pottery Kilin

- Kutaniyaki has characteristics in brilliant colored design on while glaze to be changed into glass-line.

* Former Samurai Residence (Nomura Residence)


After sightseeing, you'll ride Limited Express Thunderbird to Kyoto Station. (145min.)


4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

Chekc in the hotel in Kyoto. You'll receive information regarding Day14 departure times.

Day 14: Kyoto - Kansai Airport

Enjoy free time at your leisure until departure.


Tour concludes upon arrival at Kansai Airport.

Departure Date

Jan.15 - Dec.10: Wednesday (except Feb.19, Mar.19, Apr.16-30, May 14, Jul.9-16,30, Aug.6-13, Sep.3-10, Oct.1-8,22-29, Nov.12-19)


6 Lunches. *Vegetarian options available.Please indicate if necessary during booking.


English-speaking guide service (except while on board the bullet train) on Day 2-13(except Day10) and English speaking assistant service at the point of transfer on Day 1, 7 and 8.


Tokyo: Hotel Grand Palace / Hakone: Yumoto Fujiya Hotel / Nagoya: Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel / Kyoto: Karasuma Kyoto Hotel / Takayama: Hida Hotel Plaza / Kanazawa: Hotel Nikko Kanazawa ***Upgrade plan is available. See "Optional Tour".


Included for up to 1 piece of baggage from Hakone to Kyoto on Day7 and from Kyoto to Kansai Airport. Additional baggage will incur a fee of JPY 2,200 per item from Hakone and JPY 1,000 from Kyoto. Light Compact baggage is recommended for overnight stay in Nagoya on Day7, in Takayama on Day11 and in Kanazawa on Day12.

Minimum Participants Required

1 person.

Required When Making Reservations

Please mention arrival and departure flight information.


< Remarks of Sunrise Combination Tour >

-Sunrise Combination Tour is a combination of several tours offered by Sunrise Tours. The structure of each component tour is mentioned on the tour page.

-An English-speaking guide or assistant assigned to each tour will take care of participants from the point of assembly to the point of disbandment. Please note that the accompanying guide or assistant may change on a daily basis and that they are not staying at the hotel with the tour group.

-If your departure flight leaves from Kansai Airport at midnight, pariticipants may have to wait several hours at the airport after arriving in a bench-seated van.

-Extending your length of stay while pariticipating on the tour is not possible. Please call us for an extension if you play to extend your stay in Tokyo or Kyoto.

-Please review the remarks for each tour mentioned on the tour page.

-This tour is offered to travelers from overseas only.

-Tour can be started/ended at Haneda or Itami Airport at same price. Please request upon reservation.

-Those staying at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo can use the hotel shuttle bus for pick-up service.


< Remarks of Tokyo Tour >

-Sumida River Cruise: During cherry blossom season (around Mar. 20-Apr. 14) a visit to Sumida Park will replace Sumida River Cruise due to overcrowding.

-Sumida River Cruise: It may be cancelled without notice depending on river conditions.

-Happo-en Garden: When it’s closed, the tour will visit Meiji Jingu Shrine instead.

-Happo-en Garden: Public transportation may be used for transfer from Hamamatsucho Station to Tokyo Station.


< Remarks of Kamakura Tour >

-Itinerary order may be changed due to traffic and operation hours. The following are possible substitutes: Kamakuragu Treasure Hall, Yokohama Marine Tower & Yamashita Park, or Sky Garden of the Landmark Tower Yokohama.


< Remarks of Nikko Tour >

-We recommend you to bring an overcoat or other warm clothing during spring, autumn, and winter.

-Tamozawa Imperial Villa: On Tuesdays and other days, you’ll visit Rinnoji Temple Treasure Hall and Shoyo-en Garden instead.

-Kirifuri Falls: Due to heavy traffic or heavy snow during autumn and winter, one of the following will be visited instead: Kegon Falls, Rinnoji Temple Taiyuin Mausoleum, or Futarasan Shrine.


< Remarks of Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour >

- GPS-equipped audio guides are available in Chinese and Spanish. Request the use when make reservations. Please note that because the number of the devices is limited, there may be cases in which some participants have to share 1 device.

- When Fuji Visitor Center is closed or is hard to reach due to traffic conditions, the tour will not visit the Center.

- When Subaru Line roadway to Mt. Fuji 5th Station is closed due to road surface freezing, the tour will be taken as high as possible.

- As temperature drops significantly on Mt. Fuji, please bring coats or other warm clothes from fall to spring.

- The tour will not be cancelled or refunded even if Mt. Fuji is not fully visible due to weather conditions.

- Lake Ashi Cruise or Hakone Komaga-take Ropeway may be omitted, depending on traffic, weather conditions, or other operational concerns. If either or both are omitted the following alternatives may be used: Hakone-en Aquarium, Hakone Ropeway, Owakudani valley, Hakone Sightseeing Cruise (pirate ship), Narukawa Art Museum, Hakone Sekisho (checking station) remains, Lake Kawaguchi Cruise, Lake Kawaguchi Ropeway, or Itchiku Kubota Art Museum. The tour will not be cancelled or refunded for such itinerary alteration.



< Remarks of Kyoto & Tour >

-Nijo Castle: During the year-end and New Year’s holidays as well as every Tuesdays in Jan., Jul., Aug., and Dec., unless that date is a national holiday, Nijo Castle is closed and you will visit Ryoanji Temple instead.

-Kyoto Imperial Palace: Before entering Kyoto Imperial Palace, it is required to complete a form indicating full name, nationality, gender and age.

-Kyoto Imperial Palace: On Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and some other days, the Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed and you will visit Kitano-tenmangu Shrine instead.

-Kyoto Imperial Palace: Upon entering Kyoto Imperial Palace, it may be required to fill out a form indicating name, gender, age and nationality.

-On Jan. 25th, May 25th and Oct. 25th Nishi Honganji Temple will be visited instead of Kitano-tenmangu Shrine.

-Heian Jingu Shrine: During Festival of the Ages (Jidai Festival) on Oct 22nd, you’ll visit Chishakuin Temple instead of Heian Jingu Shrine.

-Areas requiring admission fees at Heian Jingu Shrine will not be visited.

-Drop-off service to Karasuma Kyoto Hotel, Hotel Monterey Kyoto and Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto cannot be provided during Gion Festival (July 14-16) due to traffic restrictions.


< Remarks of Shirakawa-go & Kanazawa Tour >

-We recommend you to bring an overcoat or other warm clothing during spring, autumn, and winter.

-Wada Residence: If Wada Residence is closed or there is heavy snowfall, Nagase Residence or Myozenji Temple will be visited instead.

-Depending on traffic, weather, or other operational concerns, a bus may be used for transportation  between Nagoya Station and Takayama Station, Takayama and Kanazawa.

-Kusakabe Folk Museum and Kami Sannomachi Town may be visited on Day 2 instead of Day 1.

-Transportation by bus from Takayama to Kanazawa will be a shared ride.  Local transportation will be used in Kanazawa.

-Standard Plan participants will stay at Superior Room and Deluxe Plan will stay at Executive Room in Hotel Nikko Kanazawa.


***Hotel Upgrade plan is available! See "Optional tour" page and feel free to ask us.***

JTB Japan Asia Travel Department: Tel(800)882-0268, email


Hotel Combination List



1 – Standard

Hotel Grand Palace

Karasuma Kyoto Hotel

2 – Standard

Shiba Park Hotel


Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Ginza Hotel

New Miyako Hotel or

Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto



Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa



Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo



The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

Kyoto Hotel Okura


The Westin Miyako, Kyoto


Keio Plaza Hotel (Plaza Premier) *Triple room is not available.

Kyoto Hotel Okura *Triple room is not available.


Feel free to ask us!

JTB Japan Asia Travel Department: Tel(800)882-0268, email

Please contact JTB Japan Asia Travel Department for the pickup service to assembly place.
JTB Japan Asia Travel Department: Tel(800)882-0268, email
Date & Price Tour Start Tour End Departure Single Supplement
Cancellation rates will apply to the tour fare as below. If notice of cancellation is received on tour starting date, or in case of failure to show without notice 100% of the tour fare, 1 day prior to the starting date of the tour 40%, 7 to 2 days prior, 30%, 8 days or more days prior, no charge. Cancellation period is based on Japan local time. Notice must be received during JTB USA office hours. Mon. - Fri., 9:00AM-5:30PM PST Except National Holidays.

Departure Date: *Required
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