JAPAN RAIL PASS Purchase Conditions

JR Hokkaido Pass / JR East Pass / JR West Pass / JR ALL Shikoku Pass / JR Sanyo-Shikoku- All Kyushu Pass
JR Sanyo-Shikoku-Northern Kyushu Pass / JR Kansai WIDE Area Pass

The above Regional Passes are available for foreign tourists who are visiting Japan for sight-seeing purposes.
Please see the conditions below.

You are a foreign tourist visiting Japan from abroad for sight-seeing under the entry
status of "temporary visitor"

"Temporary visitor" entry status, according to Japanese Immigration Law, allows a stay in Japan of 15 days or 90
days for "sight-seeing, etc.". If you apply for a "stay for sight-seeing" when you enter Japan, entry personnel will
stamp your passport "temporary visitor". Only persons who have a passport bearing this stamp can use the Regional Pass.
* Japanese citizens living abroad can not use this pass.
If you hold both a Japanese passport and a passport of another country (Dual Citizenship), please be sure to enter
Japan with the non-Japanese passport and obtain the "temporary visitor" stamp to be eligible to exchange.


Even if you visit Japan with an Exchange Order, to be turned in for your Regional Pass, the exchange cannot be made unless you have
"temporary visitor" status; if you enter Japan under any other official status, such as "trainee" or "entertainer", you can not change
the Exchange Order for your Regional Pass.
Please note that according to strict interpretation of the Japanese Immigration Law, "temporary visitor" status differs even from other
types of stays that are also for only short time periods. When you exchange to the Pass, you must submit the original Exchange Order. A copy is not acceptable.

I agree to the Purchase conditions of the
above pass, continue to order.

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